NEWS!  Munis 101:  The Essentials of Municipal Governanace
The amended MGA will require municipalities to offer training to all new and returning elected officials within 90 days after council members have taken the oath of office.

To assist Alberta's municipalities in meeting this requirement, the Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) has developed Munis 101:  The Essentials of Municipal Governance.

Cost, Schedule and Registration
To accommodate as many municipalities as possible within the 90-day training timeframe, the EOEP will offer Munis 101 twelve times at various locations throughout the province in late October, November, December and January.  There will also be two courses offered in September for Summer Villages.

Exact dates and locations are still being finalized but are expected to be available very soon.  Registration is expected to open shortly after dates and locations are finalized.

The EOEP recognizes that training can carry a significant cost and that some municipalites with limited financial resources may struggle to attend an off-site training session  For this reason, registration costs have been set at $200 per person for the Munis 101 courses offered within the mandatory training timeframe.  This special price reflects the importance of Munis 101 for new and returning councillors and the extent to which the EOEP wants to ensure that as many councillors as possible attend the course.

About the Course
Munis 101 is a two-day course that will provide new and returning councillors with everything they need to not only meet mandatory training requirements but also succeed in their roles moving forward.  Munis 101 will include the following modules:
Module 1:  Apply the Basics of Municipal Governance and Legislation in Alberta
Module 2:  The Elected Official's Role in Municipal Leadership
Module 3:  Navigate the World of Municipal Finance
Module 4:  Explore the Role of Municipal Planning and Development
Module 5:  Ensure Effective Collaboration

What's changing and why?
Based on an external assessment of the program, the EOEP program is going through a full-scale content renewal.  The number of modules is being reduced so that we can focus on those that are of most value to elected officials.  This provides an opportunity to modernize the content that needs a refresh to reflect current best practices or legislative changes made through the MGA review process.

A key component of this change relates to a new "Munis 101" course that will meet the needs of the mandatory elected official training requirement under the revised MGA.  In addition, there will be five supplementary courses relating to the topics of Municipal Planning and Strategy; Regional Partnerships and Collaboration;  Land Use and Development Approvals; Municipal Service Delivery; and Community Development through Public Participation.

These changes will enable the EOEP to provide high quality professional development that meets the requirements of the modernized MGA in addition to providing learning that meets the needs of elected officials in the most cost-effective manner.

What does that mean to you as an EOEP student?  The current format of the Elected Officials Education Program and online training will be discontinued by JUNE 30, 2017 to accommodate the new Munis 101 training.

What if you have a few courses to complete before meeting the current EOEP certification requirements? We are keeping the online courses open for students who wish to complete the EOEP graduation process until June 30, 2017.  There is also an in-person course that will be delivered on June 12 at the Mayor's Caucus in Okotoks:  Emergency Preparedness Planning with facilitator, Ron Leaf.

What if you're not sure how many courses you have to complete before meeting current EOEP certification requirements?  The EOEP staff is ready to work out a tailor-made plan to reach your goals.  If you have any questions or would like more information, we would be happy to work with you to find an approach that best meets your individual needs.

Questions? Contact Leanne Anderson, EOEP Registrar at landerson@auma.ca or by calling 780.989.7431

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As an elected official, you face a number of challenges.  The demanding arena of municipal politics requires you to continuously expand your knowledge and skills, staying current. The diverse selection of EOEP courses will give you a solid foundation for leading your community.
The EOEP was developed to provide municipal elected officials with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and skills, raising the quality of municipal government and enabling those in office to effectively achieve the goals of their community.
Providing a solid foundation for strong municipal government, the EOEP will:
  • Address issues that are important to municipal elected officials
  • Provide content that is relevant to today’s environment
  • Deliver knowledge and skills that improve decisions and policy
  • Create an interactive and engaging format that promotes networking and mentoring
  • Ensure accessibility throughout Alberta with an accommodating schedule and varied course locations

Upcoming Seminars:

Emergency Preparedness Planning
June 12, 2017
Best Western Plus
Okotoks, AB

Munis 101:  The Essentials of     Municipal Government
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