Elected Officials Education Program

Are courses still available online?

In 2011, the EOEP made a major investment in adapting their entire course roster to e-learning. Unfortunately, in recent years, interest in e-learning courses has been extremely low. During the redevelopment process, the EOEP received feedback from many elected officials that a key value of an EOEP course is the opportunity to network and share ideas with colleagues, an aspect that is absent from e-learning. As a result, the new course roster will only be available in-person, although most courses will likely have an online pre- or post-course learning opportunity. However, with the arrival of the COVID pandemic in 2020, we have revisited online learning and while it is not self-directed, we still have online opportunities using Zoom and Google Classroom platforms to make this as interactive as possible. Look for upcoming Munis 101 sessions in 2022 as well as other timely topics to be offered after the fall 2021 election. The list of events can be found on the main EOEP page.

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