Elected Officials Education Program

Why don’t you hold any courses in my community?

The EOEP strives to make courses as accessible as possible to elected officials from across Alberta. In the past, the EOEP has struggled to attract the necessary number of course attendees to justify hosting courses outside of Alberta’s large cities. For this reason, courses are often hosted in conjunction with AUMA and AAMDC conventions, or at the offices of one of the two associations. More recently, the EOEP has began to seek partnerships with one or more municipalities interested in having a specific course offered locally. The EOEP has a course hosting policy that establishes the role that the partnering municipality(ies) would play in promoting the course, providing a venue, securing registrations, etc. For more information on working with the EOEP to host a course in you communities, contact the EOEP Registrar.

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