Elected Officials Education Program

Municipal Corporate Planning and Finance

Understanding municipal finances is fundamental to the job of an elected official.  Municipal Councils are expected to plan, govern and set policy for the best interests of their community.  Ensuring sound financial planning and management is key to ensuring a healthy municipality that can ensure that its current and future service commitments are funded in a sustainable manner.  This course provides elected officials with a solid understanding of the core concepts involved in municipal corporate planning, municipal financial management, accountability and reporting.

Module  1 : Setting the Strategic Context

  • Understand the benefits and opportunities of strategic planning
  • Learn about citizen participation and risk management

Module 2: Financial Planning Overview

  • Understand service levels and operational planning
  • Discover capital budgeting and your role in budgeting

Module 3: Revenue and Funding

  • Understand property tax
  • Learn about debt and reserves
  • Discover what debt servicing is all about
  • Find out more about grants and transfers

Module 4: Monitoring and Evaluating

  • Understand cashflow and investments
  • Learn about internal controls, financial statements, auditors and performance measurement