Elected Officials Education Program

Municipal Elected Leaders Certificate

The Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP) is excited to announce a new Municipal Elected Leaders Certificate (MELC). EOEP is partnering with the University of Alberta’s Augustana Extended Education (AEE) to provide certificates to RMA and Alberta Municipalities members who complete all seven EOEP courses: Munis 101, as well as the six municipal content specific courses.

The MELC will recognize an elected leader’s commitment to ongoing education in pursuit of high-quality service to their community. Those who complete all seven EOEP courses will receive a certificate from AEE and the EOEP. In order to recognize those who have already completed EOEP courses:

  • Elected officials who have already completed all seven courses, or who have a combination of old and new EOEP courses that covers the same learning outcomes, will receive a certificate. EOEP staff are hard at work determining who is eligible for this and will contact those in this category directly by the end of May.
  • Elected officials who have completed some of EOEP’s courses will be allowed to use these towards their certificate. This may mean you only need to take a few more courses to earn your certificate.

Once you have completed all seven EOEP courses, you will automatically be issued your MELC.

To support this new partnership and certification, EOEP course fees have been increased to $375 for in person and $275 for virtual offerings. This modest increase covers both the cost of issuing certificates as well as providing a small contingency fund for EOEP to use to update course content as legislation changes.

EOEP is very excited to announce this certificate that will allow our dedicated elected leaders to showcase their educational achievements. Watch for more details coming shortly, and those who are already eligible will be contacted by EOEP directly. For enquires, pleases contact EOEP’s Registrar, Leanne Anderson at registrar@eoep.ca.